In the country of the blind the one eyed man is king.


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We need to separate US foreign policy in all its sordid forms from internal political matters. In the case of Trump I sympathize with his problems at home but absolutely abhor his foreign policy. The USA cannot be trusted on the international stage either by its words or actions. That is history and it continues with the Trump White House. Their attitude is appalling and the treatment of less powerful countries is similar in its disingenuousness. I think many good USA citizens would be appalled at how their 'America' is really viewed across the world both by their 'friends' and their enemies. If and when their economic power withers I doubt there will be a sympathetic chorus of regret even from their closest current 'friends'. They will be seen internationally somewhat similar to how Harvey Weinstien is now viewed across the US.

As an instance: why is it that every country that opposes the US is a regime and has a dictator in charge? Is the US a regime with dictator Trump in charge(according to some sections of the population it is)? Is Israel a regime with dictator Netanyahu in charge? Propagandizing language for political opportunism is seducing reason and the US administration and its defense industry is second to none in such an application. To point this out is not treason it is merely treason in the use of language and any semi-literate person with half a brain sees it for what it is. This is sad as it leads to normally reasonable individuals becoming US antagonists.

The USA has given the world much in the form of innovation and technology but ask youself: In the last 60 years has the USA really saved any country from a fate worse than death? Wherein lie all the successful economic and military interventions. Where lies the fallen signpost to all the moral and intellectual leadership successes.

As with the peoples of many declining empires throughout history the greatest flaw in the American character is its lack of self-awaremess in a larger world. In the United States of America the one eyed man is king of the World. How many would that be?

Some not: Professor Stephen Cohen , Norm Chomsky, Jimmy Dore, Angelo John Gage, Tucker Carlson, Tlusi Gabbard, Senator Rand Paul.

Following is the more advanced version:

The 'regimes' of the USA and the UK.

A government becomes a 'regime' due to its abandonment of due process or when the head of state unilaterally makes a decision without such due process. The contention 'everyone agrees' or 'social media is the arbiter' is hardly a tenant handed down from our highest centers of learning or a consequence of centuries of studies and investigations of civilized society and history.

Established law in the civilized community of countries requires a due process before a sentence is carried out. In uncivilized societies or countries it does not. It requires evidence of a crime, a fair trial where evidence is contested and a verdict from an impartial judge or a jury of peers. Without such a process we are lost or at the mercy of the pitchfork mob or those with vested interests in a predetermined outcome. The mere fact that governments or 'regimes' decide to abandon such a process would lead a normal citizen to engage in a discussion of the reason and intelligence of such an abandonment and wonder at the contempt it shows towards the individual in that society. The citizen might also wonder when such an abandonment of due process might one day be visited upon themselves. Let us look at a few recent examples of international punishment from regimes without due process:

1) Sanctioning of Russia by the UK and USA for the Skipsal poisoning case.

2) The USA for the bombing of Syria after a supposed gas attack.

3) The destruction of Libya.

Of course there was no 'due process' as these cases were settled with 'everyone agrees' and the evidence of 'social media'. Hence the UK and USA have declared judgement without due process and have thus shown the required evidence to qualify as 'regimes'. I know those who have invested in the 'deep state' as the culprit have given themselves a moral escape clause yet their vigilance and apathy have contributed to its rise. The belief that a community of 150 people is the limit of an individual's sphere of influence may well be correct yet that sphere itself needs influence if it is to sustain itself within a larger economic and social construct where the law and due process need a diet of adherence to protect all. The internal lawlessness of the US regarding election matters, fraud and intelligence malpractice is not a sympton of the external lack of due process but rather the reverse. International malpractice has led to the internal problems and will continue to do so until international due process is revitalized. Let us all put away the pitchforks and become governments again instead of regimes.

Thank you gophers all and goodnight.

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