Here is a radical idea I am developing from the point of view of a good pool or snooker player where it is a simple matter to cue a straight ball into a distant pocket rather than potting an intervening ball. Left hand anchor, right arm/hand active. Stance similar to pool or snooker but with the opposite foot forward. Putter longer, double grips, top grip (stable) with top arm across the body. Putter face with severe negative loft (10-20 degrees putter depth narrow) to keep the ball well forward in the stance which allows head and body to stay well behind the ball as in a pool or snooker shot. It also allows the player to never take his or her eyes off the line of the putt (which also prevents the yipps). As in a pool or snooker shot control is by extending the contact with the ball as long a possible 'through' the ball. Practice swings and ball contact similar to pool or snooker but bottom arm can lift slightly as to allow for ground clearance. Short shots can resemble a straight 'push' whereas the longer ones require a longer backswing.



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