The Bolton Green Eighteen. The latest Trump Project

After the US rescues Idib from the 'EVIL' Syrian and Russian regimes.

Latest Trump Project made possible with finance from Israel and Saudi Arabia. The Idlib Golf Course to be named 'The Bolton Green Eighteen'. A course with over 100 bunkers on the 13 par fives situated on an old airport runway. A strange but exciting misty atmosphere enlivens the experience of playing the unique and personally designed Trump course. Accommodation provided in the nearby luxurious underground hotel. Hire the unique golf carts with caterpillar tracks and get the Isis caddie free of cost.

The holes are named after some of those who made this superb course possible.

The Macron Dogleg left par 4.

The Theresa May Dogleg right par 5.

The Nikki Haley straight par 5

The Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi lakeside par 4

The always treacherous CNN par 3

'Ahhh! I've been tricked! Yahhahh!' Putin falls to the floor with a thud.

The happy youngsters play in the nearby custom built swimming pools.

'Oh Donald. I'm so glad for you... What par is it, darling?'

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