Feminism: genesis and conclusion.


The visual 'bookends'.

This follows on from our examination of the pursuit of beauty vs postmodernism and 'Gophers in Action.'

"What is the difference between postmodern feminism and marxist feminism," said one gopher to another as they were digging a new burrow for Harry's wife Doris.

“Well,” said Jordan Gopher as he paused and scraped some damp soil from between his claws, “it is largely a matter of feeling the difference or the sensation of being aware of the difference just as I can feel the difference between a warm beer or a cold beer after I taste it. Hopefully that will happen shortly.”

“You mean postmodern feminism is like a warm beer?” asked Albert Gopher slowly shaking his head in confusion.

“In more ways than one,” replied Jordan as he resumed his work. “You see the taste of warm beer makes me feel pain whereas with cold beer my spirits rise. This might not be the same for a Marxist as opposed to a postmodern beer taster. The Marxist beer taster will have an objective set of standards or a thermometer he uses to judge the temperature whereas the postmodern taster just feels the sensation which may differ depending on the circumstances.”

“You mean if he is in an igloo?”


“Well it is mighty hot down here so to drink a cold beer later would be just perfect.”

“Not according to the postmodernist. Later is not an option.”


“The circumstances might change depending which tavern we use. That Gopher disco where all the females wear sexy clothing is very different to our local where the barmaids wear none at all.”

“So even if the beer is the same it might feel different,” asked Albert beginning to get the drift.

“Right, everything depends on time, place, air conditioning, phases of the moon, whether the tide is in or out, what the barmaids are wearing, etc.”

“So what the barmaids are wearing can affect postmodern feminism.”

“I see you are getting the drift,” replied Jordan as he moved a large boulder to one side.

“Maybe that is why Harry married Doris. She was a very sexy barmaid you know. This postmodern feminism seems to have its advantages just like finishing this dammed tunnel will.”


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